Dr. Abdul Samad Dahri

Director ORIC

Email:director.oric@sbbusba.edu.pk, drabdulsamad.dahri@sbbusba.edu.pk

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Dr. Muhammad Arif Gujjar

Manager Research and Development

Email: marif@sbbusba.edu.pk

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Dr. Nawaz Ahmad

Manager Publication and Communication

Email: drnawazahmad@sbbusba.edu.pk

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Dr. Fatima Tul Zuhra

Manager Innovation and Commercialization

Email: drfatima.tunio_sng@sbbusba.edu.pk

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Mr. Arman Malik

Manager Industry Linkages & Technology Transfer

Email: armankhan@sbbusba.edu.pk

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Mr. Asadullah Balouch

Research Associate

Email: asadullahbalouch@sbbusba.edu.pk

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Mr.Riaz Ali Marri