LIBRARYNaushahro Feroze Campus

SBBU Naushahro Feroze Campus Library established in 2014. Here we provide a full range of services regarding academic material, digital research papers, thesis reports so that students can get maximum benefits from such academic material. In addition, we provide book loans, online information searching, reference services, access to millions of the digital resources, and research support services. SBBU Naushahro Feroze Campus Library provides web access, international digital information sources, and easy access to advanced learning facilities.

Moreover, SBBU Naushahro Feroze Campus library is divided into different sections like Acquisition Section, Study Section, Periodical Section, Library Collection, Circulation Section, and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Further, The OPAC allows teachers, students, and researchers to search for the titles, authors, subjects, and keywords just browse their holdings. Technically, it involves a very powerful web server on our premises to enhance internet connectivity and running a Linux operating system. Our goal is to provide Library users easy access Library collection very quickly from anywhere, provide access to information resources, regardless of location and user can see their circulation history.

For further contact

Mr.Zulfiqar Ali Joyo

Assistant Librarian