Need-cum-Merit Zakat scholarship 2022

Cheque distribution of Need-cum-Merit Zakat scholarship 2022 on Monday, 20th, June 2022 @ Senate hall SBBU SBA.
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NBP Student Loan Scheme

NBP Student Loan Scheme in Pakistan for the session 2020-2021 & 2021-2022.
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» Student Loan Details Eligiblity criteria. 16-06-2022

Interview - Zakat Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship

Interview Schedule for "Zakat Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship".
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» View Student List. 13-05-2022

Zakat NCM Scholarship 2021-22

Those students who previously got the Zakat NCM Scholarship 2020-21 (list attached) are required to submit their fresh Istehqaq certificate and last two semesters mark sheets on or before 11th May 2022, in the Financial Aid Office-SBBU.
Student List. 09-05-2022

Zakat Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship - 2022

Zakat Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship - 2022. Last Date: 21st April 2022
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» Istehqaq certificate.

Minority Scholarship

Announcement of Scholarships for Minorities Students for the financial year 2022.
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Sindh HEC Indigenous Scholarship

List of Successful candidate for scholarship under Sindh HEC "Indigenous Scholarship for Students of MS/M.Phil/Ph.D of SBBU SBA.
» Successful Students list.

Bait-ul-Mal Scholarship

List students whose grant approved from Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal for Higher Education assistance.
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Ehsaas Scholarship Program Phase-III Batch 2021

All Students from batch 2021 applied for Ehsaas Scholarship program phase -III mentioned in the lists are required to submit their missing documents by 7th and 8th of February 2022.
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» BBA Main Campus.
» Chemistry Main Campus.
» Economics Main Campus.
» Education Main Campus.
» English Main Campus.
» Genetics Main Campus.
» I.T Main Campus.
» Media Studies Main Campus.
» Sindhi Main Campus.
» Statistics Main Campus.
» Others Main Campus.
» BBA N. Feroze Campus.
» English N. Feroze Campus.
» I.T N. Feroze Campus.
» BBA Sanghar Campus.
» English Sanghar Campus.
» I.T Sanghar Campus.

Interview Sindh HEC Indigenous scholarship - M.Phil/MS

Interview for award of scholarship under Sindh HEC Indigenous scholarship for Students of M.Phil/MS.
» List of Sindh HEC Indigenous scholarship candidates of M.Phil/MS.

Interview SEEF Scholarship

Conduction of Sindh Educational Endowment (SEEF) Interview.
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» List of SEEF Scholarship candidates.

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship

Deadline for online application submission extended till: December 31, 2021,
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Sindh HEC Indigenous Scholarship

SBBU SBA is pleased to announce the scholarship sponsored by the Sindh Higher Education Commission Government of Sindh for MS / M.Phil students.
Last date to submit the application form: 08-12-2021,
» Sindh HEC Announcemnt
» Application form for Indigenous Scholarship.

Khairpur Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship 2021-22

Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship 2021-22 for the talented and deserving students of the Khairpur District domiciled. Last Date : Monday 15 November 2021
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Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project (Batch-III)

Deadline for Online Application Submission November 30,2021. - » View

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Phase-II Batch-2020

Students of Batch 2020 are informed to collect their cheques of Ehsaas Scholarship program Phase-2, Installment-I..
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Ehsaas Scholarship Program Phase-II Batch-2020

Students of Batch 2020 are informed to collect their cheques of Ehsaas Scholarship program Phase-2, Installment-I on Friday 24th September, 2021
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1) BBA
2) Chemistry
3) Economics
4) Education
5) English
6) Genetics
7) I.T
8) Media Studies
9) Sindhi
10) Statistics

Scotland Pakistan Scholarships

Applications for the Scotland Pakistan Scholarship for Young Women and Girls Bachelor's and Master's/M.Phil 2021-22 are now open. Last date to submit the online application is 15 September 2021.
1. For more details pleasevisit here
2. Online application for Bachelors
3. Online application for Masters/M.Phil

(SEEF) scholarship 2020-21

Government of Sindh through Educational Endowment Fund Trust (SEEF) College Education Department is providing scholarship to the students hailing from low income/meritorious students to acquire quality higher education from university
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Indigenous scholarship

List of successful candidates for Scholarship Under “Indigenous scholarship for students of M.Phil/MS/Ph.D and Sindh HEC Scholarship for students of MBBS/BE.BS.”
» List of successful candidates.

Ehsaas Scholarship Program (Deed of agreement)

It is for the information of following students(list attached) of SBBU, SBA are advised to submit a Deed of Agreement of EHSAAS UNDERGRADUTE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM on stamp paper.
» Candidate List.
» Deed of agreement


All those students who have been selected for the "Need-Cum-Merit Zakat Scholarship" are informed to collect their cheques on 25th June 2021 @ Senate Hall, Admin Block-I, SBBU, SBA.
» Candidate List.


All those students who have been selected for the "Need-Cum-Merit Zakat Scholarship" are required to activate or open their bank account in the Sindh Bank ltd, SBA before 25/06/2021.
* Previous awardees are must submit their original Istehqaq certificate issued by District Zakat Officer or District Zakat Chairman.
* The cheque distribution date will be announced soon.
» Candidate List.

Interview for Need-Cum_Merit Scholarship Program (Zakat)

All those students who applied for the Need Cum Merit Scholarship (Zakat) Program 2021 are advised to appear before Zakat Need Cum Merit Scholarship committee from Monday 14th June 2021 to Wednesday 16th June 2021.
» Notice
» Candidate List.

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Phase-I Batch-19

Students mentioned in the list are requested to collect their cheques of EHSAAS Scholarship Program Phase-I, Installment-II on Wednesday, 9thJune,2021.
» Notice
» Candidate List Batch-2019

Merit Scholarship Scheme 2020-21 - SBP

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) offers financial assistance by way of merit scholarship to the talented and meritorious children of its serving / retired/deceased employee up to (OG-2) level.
» latest by 30 June 2021.
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Minority Affairs Scholarship

Students mentioned in the list are advised to appear in person at their concerned District Council hall Shaheed Benazirabad / Sanghar on 08/06/2021 from 09:00 to 02:00 to receive their cheques. - (List of successful candidates)

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Phase-I Batch-2017

Students mentioned in the list are requested to collect their cheques of EHSAAS Scholarship Program Phase-I, Installment-II on Thursday, 3rdJune,2021.
» Notice
» Candidate List Batch-2017


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» Istehqaq Certificate
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Interview Ehsaas Scholarship Program Phase-II

Pre-ISAC Interview Schedule for Ehsaas Scholarship Program Phase-II (Batch-2020). - Details
* Pre-ISAC from 23rd Feb to 25th Feb 2021.

IsDB Scholarship

Announcement of IsDB Scholarship Programs for the Academic Year 2021-2022. - (View Details)
1. Application Deadline is 28th February 2021. -
2. For apply online visit.
3. For more details FAQ's visit.

Minority Scholarship

Invitation of applications for minorities students. Last date of submission of applications will be 15-03-2021. -Details
Minority Scholarship Form

Tabeer Scholarship Program

Tabeer Scholarship Program for the Students of sindh. -Details
1. Tabber Scholarship Advertisement
2. Tabeer Scholarship form
3. Syllabus Pattern.

Notice - Ehsaas Scholarship Program Phase -II

All students of batch-2020 applied online for Ehsaas Scholarship program are directed to submit hard copy of their forms by 31st of December 2020.- View Detail


Ehsaas application date is extended, now new deadline is 30th November 2020.- View Details

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project (Phase II)

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project (Phase II)
* Deadline for Online Application Submission: October 30,2020- View Details

Financial Aid Office (FAO)

Financial Aid Office (FAO)