Announcement of Pakistan Bait-ul-mal educational Financial Assistance

» Announcement BPM-2023-II
» Bonafide Certificate
» PBM-QMS-IFA (Edu)-F02 Certificate


List of Successful Candidates - Need cum Merit Zakat

List of Successful (Fresh) Candidates and Previous Grantees for Need cum Merit Zakat Scholarship.
» List of Successful (Fresh) Students NCMZ Scholarships 2023.
» List of Previous Grantees (Continued) Students NCMZ Scholarships 2023.


Announcement of SEEF Scholarship 2023

Sindh Educational Endowment Fund (SEEF) Scholarships -2023
» Scholarship Announcement SBBU, SBA
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Interviews for Need-cum-Merit Scholarship(Zakat) - 2022-23

Interviews for Need-cum-Merit Scholarship (Zakat) Program 2022-23
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» Students List

Interview on Tuesday 6th June 2023 @ Sports Complex, SBBU, SBA.


Zakat Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship - 2023

» Scholarship circular
» Scholarship form
» Istehqaq certificate

Note: Applicant should submit their applications along with required documents by 22-05-2023 at Student Facilitation Centre, SBBU, till (01:00 noon)


Cheque Distribution of Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship Program (BUSP) Phase-II Insltallament-3

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» Candidate List


Cheque Distribution of Sindh HEC Indigenous Scholarship of MS/M.PHIL

» Successfull Students


Extension in Date - Scholarship Announcement (M.Phil./MS)

Award of Scholarship under Sindh HEC Indigenous Scholarship for students of M.Phil/MS -2023
» Last Date : 30-01-2023
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Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship Program Phase-III

Successful candidates of Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship Program (BUSP) Phase-III Batch-2021.
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» Successful candidates list (Boys)
» Successful candidates list (Girls)


Scholarship Announcement (M.Phil./MS)

Award of Scholarship under Sindh HEC Indigenous Scholarship for students of M.Phil/MS -2023
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Interview schedule for Sindh Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship-2021

Interview schedule for Sindh Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship (SEEF) - 2021 on Tuesday 10th January 2023 at 09:30 A.M @ Sports Complex, SBBU SBA
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Khairpur Need Cum-Merit Scholarship 2022-23

Khairpur Need Cum-Merit Scholarship 2022-23
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Undergraduate Scholarships for Students from Gwadar

Submit online application through HEC Website: Last date for submission of online application form is December 26th, 2022.
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Scottish Scholarships Scheme 2022-23

Applications for the Pakistan Scottish Scholarships Scheme 2022-23 for Girls students of Bachelor's and Master's/M.Phil are now open. Last date to submit the online application is 20th October 2022.
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» Online application for Bachelors.
» Online application for Masters/M.Phil.

Need-cum-Merit Zakat scholarship 2022

Cheque distribution of Need-cum-Merit Zakat scholarship 2022 on Monday, 20th, June 2022 @ Senate hall SBBU SBA.
» Student List.

NBP Student Loan Scheme

NBP Student Loan Scheme in Pakistan for the session 2020-2021 & 2021-2022.
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» Application Form.
» Student Loan Details Eligiblity criteria. 16-06-2022

Interview - Zakat Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship

Interview Schedule for "Zakat Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship".
» View Interview Schedule.
» View Student List. 13-05-2022

Zakat NCM Scholarship 2021-22

Those students who previously got the Zakat NCM Scholarship 2020-21 (list attached) are required to submit their fresh Istehqaq certificate and last two semesters mark sheets on or before 11th May 2022, in the Financial Aid Office-SBBU.
Student List. 09-05-2022

Zakat Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship - 2022

Zakat Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship - 2022. Last Date: 21st April 2022
» Scholarship circular
» Scholarship form.
» Istehqaq certificate.

Minority Scholarship

Announcement of Scholarships for Minorities Students for the financial year 2022.
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Sindh HEC Indigenous Scholarship

List of Successful candidate for scholarship under Sindh HEC "Indigenous Scholarship for Students of MS/M.Phil/Ph.D of SBBU SBA.
» Successful Students list.

Bait-ul-Mal Scholarship

List students whose grant approved from Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal for Higher Education assistance.
» Successful Students list.

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Phase-III Batch 2021

All Students from batch 2021 applied for Ehsaas Scholarship program phase -III mentioned in the lists are required to submit their missing documents by 7th and 8th of February 2022.
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Financial Aid Office (FAO)

Financial Aid Office (FAO)