QEC - Our Team at Affiliated Colleges

Sr.# Name of College Name of QEC focal Person Focal Person
1. Government Elementary college of Education
( MEN) Dadu
1. Mr.Attuallah Bhurgri (Assistant Professor)
2. Mr.Bashir Ahmed Panhwar(Assistant Professor)
2. Government Elementary college of Education
(Women) Dadu
1.Mrs.Naseem Akhtar (Assistant Professor)
2.Mr. Naeem Ahmad (HST)
3. PITE Sindh 1.Mr.Mir Hassan Dahri (Senior Instructor)
2.Mr.Ihsan Ali Laghari(Lecturer)
4. Government Girls Degree College Sakrand 1.Mr.Noor ul Hassan(Assistant Professor)
2.Mrs.Tahira Jat(Lecturer)
5. Mustafa Oriental College, New Jatoi 1.Mr.Habibullah Khaskheli
2.Mr.Fazal Muhammad Khaskheli
6. Government elementary College of
Education of Education (M) Mithiani
1.Mr.Abdul Jabbar Lashari(Assistant Professor )
2.Mr.Khaleel Ahmed Solangi (Lecturer)
7. Pir Syed Sibghatullah Shah Shaheed Government
Boys Degree College Sanghar
1.Mr.Nawaz Ali Kumbhar (Assistant Professor)
2. Mr.Abdul Hameed Jokhio (Lecturer)
8. Government Degree Mehran College Moro 1.Prof.Chattan Khan Kakepoto
2.Prof.Zahid Hussain Siyal
9. Government Elementary College Education
(Women) Moro
1.Mr.Azafar Saeed Memon (Faculty)
2. Mrs.Mehrunisa Memon (Lecturer)
10. Government Girls Degree College Nawabshah 1.Prof.Mrs.Lala Rukh Baloch (Assistant Professor)
2.Mrs.Shahana Kousar (Lecturer)
11. Government Boys Degree College Shahdadpur 1. Mr.Nizamudin Soomro (Associate Professor)
2.Juma Khan (Associate Professor)
12. Government Degree College Nawabshah 1.Mr.Syed Gul Muhammad Shah (Lecturer)
2.Mr.Ubedullah Machhi (Lecturer)
13. Government Girls Degree College Padidan 1.Prof.Atta Muhammad Solangi(Associate Professor)
2.Prof.Toqeer Ahmed Rajput (Lecturer)
14. Government Girls Degree College Shahdadpur 1.Mrs.Jamila Rani(Associate Professor)
2.Syed Masood Ali Shah (Lecturer)
15. Government Degree College Kandiaro 1.Mr.Muneer Ahmed Memon (Associate Professor)
2.Mr.Anwar Ali Mangrio (Associate Professor)


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