Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Khuhro

Director Campus


The Department of Business Administration was established by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sanghar Campus as its pioneering department in 2016, since that day, it has been contributing to the cause of business education in particular and various university activities in general. The Department of Business Administration is the largest university in terms of students and quality education.

At present Department of Business Administration offers one program to cater the need of undergraduate students. Bachelor of Business Administration 4 years (8 Semester) program is offered at undergraduate level.

Department of Business Administration has thoroughly updated curricula of all fields as per the guideline of HEC and international standards. In addition to course work in the major areas, the curriculum includes core courses in all functional areas of business, and supporting course work in mathematics, communications, statistics, and information systems.

Department of Business Administration has renowned faculty members and most of them have their credit education and training from reputed universities of Pakistan.


Being one of the top institutions in the nation for providing its students with high-quality business education, training, and expertise will help them become agents of socioeconomic change both locally and globally.

The Department of Business Administration strives to be among the top business schools in the nation and to be known as a center of excellence for entrepreneurship, research, teaching, and community involvement.


To develop academic and research activities that promote professional success through the growth of knowledge and business practices in order to benefit students, businesses, the economy, and society as a whole. while giving students access to a comprehensive array of chances for practical learning that will help them run modern firms and entrepreneurial ventures effectively.

Our goal is to consistently pursue excellence in creating leaders and managers who are creative, intelligent, and socially responsible by providing a learning and research environment of worldwide stature at a reasonable price.

A Message from Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Business Administration, in order to educate students for success in occupations of the future, we provide a wide variety of flexible, inclusive, relevant, and highly engaging business courses through all of our HEC-recognized programs. The programs are made with practical commercial applications in mind. The Department strives to offer a rigorous curriculum that attempts to improve students' abilities and character in addition to their academic development since it views students as future leaders and ambassadors of global business and society at large.

Modern flipped classrooms, foreign-trained teachers, student support services, industry-liaison activities, and career assistance services are all available at the business department. The Department offers a suitable academic setting for hands-on learning for both students and Faculty.

The aim of the department of business administration is to provide students with the in-depth understanding and perspective necessary for modern management as a universal science. In addition to providing students with a systematic education in management, marketing, accounting, finance functions, and other aspects of business, we also offer a perspective that enables them to have a career, a master's degree, and specialization in a subfield after graduation.

After graduating, our students have the option to work in departmental and administrative roles for a variety of private businesses and organizations. Also, if they successfully complete the necessary examinations and administrative requirements of relevant public bodies, they can become a finance and customs consultant, bureaucrat, and officer.

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Dr. Erum Shaikh

Incharge Department of Business Administration


Dr. Erum Shaikh

Incharge Department of Business Administration

PhD (Business Administration),

Mr. Mansoor Waqas Askree


PhD in Progress



Mr. Ahmed Raza Hafeez



Mr. Muhibullah Nahrio


MBA (Finance)

Mr. Umair Khalid

Lecturer (Mathematics)

MS (Applied Math)