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Dr. Salman Bashir

Dean Faculty of Management & Business Administration




The Department of Chemistry was established in 2012, to provide an excellent education in Chemistry for a variety of learners. The Chemistry Department is a vital, expanding hub of scientific inquiry with deep historic roots a ready grasp on the future. The programs designed to help the students understand that Chemistry a way of thinking about how matter is constructed, organized, and functions and offers the specialization in the field of Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. We build the chemical foundation in a context that helps students to become responsible citizens, with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will allow them to be successful in scientific or non-scientific professions.


Producing graduate and researchers in Chemistry with knowledge, skills and judicious applications to serve the society and face the global challenges of 21st century for humanity.


To be recognized as one of the best school/department in the country and providing best educational opportunities to a broad range of undergraduate and graduate students through teaching and research having a true impact on the profession and society.


1) To develop rational development and learning.

2) To impart a sound knowledge of Chemistry to students and to help them to use this knowledge practically.

3) To apply the knowledge of Chemistry in social, economical, professional, health and agricultural, industrial and allied scenario.

4) To encourage students to become effective independent learners.

5) To develop the analytical and critical thinking skills needed to acquire, analyze and interpret the relevant data.

6) To develop in students the ability to working groups so as acquire respect for human values.

7) To encourage students to broaden their knowledge, to develop their own capabilities and self-confidence, learning and continuing education.

For further contact

Mr. Imran Khan Jatoi

Incharge Department of Statistics


Mr.Imran Khan Jatoi

Incharge Department of Statistics

M.Phil (Statistics), Pakistan


Ms. Shamim Jhatial


M.Phil in Statistics, Pakistan

PhD in progress


Ms. Kainat Memon

Teaching Assistant

BS Statistics, Pakistan


Mr. Ali Raza

Visiting Faculty

BS Statistics, Pakistan


Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor Programs:

H.S.C. Part-II Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, General Science, Commerce, Humanities, passed with at least 45% marks.

1st Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Elementary Statistics 3(3+0)
2 Pakistan Studies 2(2+0)
3 English-I 3(3+0)
4 Linear Algebra 2(1+1)
5 Principles of Economics-I 3(2+1)
6 Introduction to Business Management 3(2+1)
Total 16
2nd Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Introduction to Probability Distributions 3(3+0)
2 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2(2+0)
3 English-II 3(3+0)
4 Calculus-I 3(3+0)
5 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking 3(3+0)
6 Principles of Economics-II 3(3+0)
Total 17
3rd Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Basic Statistical Inference 3(3+0)
2 English-III 3(3+0)
3 Introduction to Computer and its Applications 3(3+0)
4 Calculus-II 3(3+0)
5 Entrepreneurship 3(3+0)
Total 15
4th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Index Numbers and Time Series 3(3+0)
2 Introduction to Freelancing and E-Learning 3(3+0)
3 English-IV 3(3+0)
4 Principles of Marketing 3(3+0)
5 Accounting 3(3+0)
Total 15

5th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Probability Distribution-I 3(3+0)
2 Sampling Technique-I 4(3+1)
3 Design & Analysis of Experiment-I 4(3+1)
4 Regression Models 4(3+1)
5 Statistical Packages 3(3+0)
Total 18
6th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Probability Distribution-II 3(3+0)
2 Sampling Techniques-II 4(3+1)
3 Design & Analysis of Experiment-II 4(3+1)
4 Stochastic Process 3(3+0)
5 Econometrics 3(3+0)
Total 17

7th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Statistical Inference-I 3(3+0)
2 Multivariate Analysis 4(3+1)
3 Time Series Analysis 3(3+0)
4 Operations Research 3(3+0)
5 Bio-Statistics 3(3+0)
Total 16
8th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Statistical Inference-II 3(3+0)
2 Population Studies 4(3+1)
3 Categorical Data Analysis 3(3+0)
4 Statistical Quality Control 3(3+0)
5 Research Report/Project 3(3+0)
Total 16