Sport Complex


Since the emergency of SBBU-SBA on the map of Nawab shah, the whole community got benefited in terms of quality education as well as regarding state-of-the-art recreational facilities.

The directorate of Sports at SBBU SBA, like all other departments has left no leaf unturned when it comes to providing students, faculty and also the community the platform of fair and just sports events. By organizing intervarsity as Inter Department sports events, we are continuously contributing in the betterment of our society by keeping young generation away from drugs and other social evils.

SBBU-SBA (Boys & Girls) Takes participation in the following Sports event.

» Inter-Departmental Championships

» Inter-Collegiate Championships

» HEC Inter- University Championships

» National Games


Our vision is to provide a fair & just platform for sports to our whole community, so that our young generation stays away from all negative activities and they grow up with a positive mind to play a vital role in the betterment of nation.

In our vision we see a community where there is significantly reduced alcohol and drug abuse, crime and social deviance. By providing facilities & access to all sports as well as gym specially to under privileged students, we will sure achieve positive results regarding a crime free society.


Our mission is to organize consistent and sustainable sports events providing students with opportunities while contributing to the socioeconomic betterment as well as development.


Following are the stakeholders who can avail the facilities:

» Students

» Staff and faculty members

» Potential students

» External organizations

Multi Sports Hall All Indoor Games
Indoor sports facilities Gymnasium for ladies & gents Snooker, carrom, ludo, chess, table tennis & badminton
Indoor sports facilities Gymnasium for ladies & gents Snooker, carrom, ludo, chess, table tennis & badminton
Outdoor sports facilities Grounds for cricket with (flood lights), throwball, tennis, basketball, futsal, volleyball, netball & handball
Sports Society office Meetings for the SBBU-SBA Sports society
Student lounge Relaxation area for students