Entrepreneurship & Soft Skills Society


To explore the opportunities & latent skills of the students “Entrepreneurship & Soft Skills Society” is basic platform for its stakeholders.

Students have to explore and set goals towards their attainment, also to pursue their entrepreneurial interests & to enhance network in the field of entrepreneurship.

Society Vision

“The HEC supports the establishment of entrepreneurship society and Business Incubation Centre (BIC) in public sector universities to provide basic infrastructure and allied facilities for researchers and young entrepreneurs who are interested in developing early-stage business ventures.”

“Entrepreneurship & Soft Skills society will mainly cover the business incubator that’s main goal is to produce successful firms that will leave the program financially viable and freestanding.”

Society Mission

The Entrepreneurship & Soft Skills Society aim is to provide guidance to aspiring young business leaders to pursue their business ownership dream at undergraduate & post graduate levels.

The motive behind to develop an entrepreneur society encourages the exchange of ideas between a variety of students and disciplines, helping to build a network of motivated individuals and spark innovations to solve today’s pressing problems.


Dr. Abdul Samad Dahri (Convener)

Director ORIC

Email: director.oric@sbbusba.edu.pk

Mr. Javeed Ahmed Shaikh (Member)

Lecturer, Department of Business Administration

Email: javedahmed@sbbusba.edu.pk

Mr. Arman Khan (Member)

Lecturer, Department of Business Administration

Email: armankhan@sbbusba.edu.pk

Ms. Rubab Alvi (Member)

Lecturer, Department of Art & Design

Email: shaikhrubab@sbbusba.edu.pk

Mr. Ameet Kumar (Member)

Lecturer, Department of Economics

Email: ameetkumar@sbbusba.edu.pk

Tentative Event Calendar of Entrepreneurship and Soft Skills Society.

Sr. Month Events Description
01. 1st Week of January ----- -------
02. 1st Week of February ------- -------
03. 3rd Week of March Launching Ceremony of Society Launching Ceremony will include the official inauguration of entrepreneurship society, the announcement of different bodies of society, discussion about vision, mission, objectives, possible outcomes, etc.
04. 1st Week of April Food Competition for girls The aim of this competition is to discover new culinary talents from the participating girl students. A cooking contest featuring local food can have a number of financial benefits for students. Hosting a cooking competition is an innovative way to increase students' participation in work-based learning.
05. 3rd Week of April Seminar on Successful Entrepreneurs Stories A session to invite entrepreneurial business leaders and the entrepreneurs to share their insights into what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. It's a great way for students and community members to get inspired by experienced entrepreneurs.
06. 2nd Week of May Entrepreneurship Lecture Series Encourage students of the university with entrepreneurship programs to organize an open lecture/seminar for students on campus, so they can better understand the purpose of the program and what avenues and possibilities entrepreneurship can be availed by the students.
07. June and July Internship Program Offering Intern-ships to students in their own interest to make them groomed in their future entrepreneurship plans
08. 2nd Week of August (one week) Business Venture Competition This competition requires dividing a class into several teams that compete to formulate a money-making business venture. Each team will be expected to select a product to sell for one week (as well as manage the finances, look for investors, conduct market research, etc.).
09. 4th Week of September Startup Expo This is an opportunity for startups of all stages to showcase associated to local investors, accelerators, students, potential hires, city government or any other local partners.
10. 2nd Week of October Tech Workshop or Conference In the technology industry the Tech workshop or conference is the perfect way to bring local pros together to inspire and educate potential founders and innovators.
11. 4th Week of November Entrepreneurship Job/ Career Fair To host an Entrepreneurship Job/Career Fair. Different small/medium/Large companies will be invited in campus to recruit fresh students in their businesses. Students need to appear in interview/test or drop their CVs for potential hiring.
12. 3rd Week of December Annual Dinner A "Dinner with an Entrepreneur” where participants share their experiences. The purpose of the events is for local entrepreneurs and business leaders to share their Entrepreneurship experiences, flaws and successes to inspire future innovators.