Mr. Abbas Ali Bhatti

Director Colleges

Head Of Department Message

Our Worthy Vice Chancellor burn candle of education with new and advanced trend for the betterment of education status in jurisdiction of our university ultimately on national level. The Affiliated Colleges are our stakeholder. We are working with affiliated colleges on that new and advanced trend to improve the quality of education at college level.

We always welcome to colleges for coordination and their feedback.

Introduction of Department

Directorate of Colleges was established to facilitate day to day requirements and business of the Colleges under jurisdiction.

Vision & Mission

Bringing about drastic change in the present static educational environment of degree and elementary colleges in order to provide congenial atmosphere teacher and taught equality so that they may contribute their best for the larger interest of the nation building.

Aims & Objects

1) To enroll fresh students through our Affiliated Degree Colleges in various degree Programs/disciplines.

2) To ensure issuance of the enrollment cards to all the aspirant students. Application Process/Inspection.

3) Inspecting colleges through Inspection Committees Prepare inspection reports.

4) Issuing affiliation letters after approval of competent authority reports Day to day written/ verbal communication.

5) Surprise inspection of colleges.

6) To meet day to day requirement to the colleges.

Mr. Abbas Ali Bhatti

Director Colleges