Dean Faculty of Sciences and Technology

Prof. Dr. Liaquat Ali Zardari

Dean Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Computer Science


Keeping in the view the importance of the computer science in every professional domain today, the computer science department is stablished at SBBU-SBA to start 04 years BS degree in Computer Science with aim to train the students for the new era of technologies.

This program provides students with fundamental knowledge and practical skills of computer science especially in programming, networking, AI, Data science, and software engineering. Throughout the program there is also emphasis on how students could blend their technical expertise with market demands and management know-how in order to support business decision-making and to communicate effectively in commercial and business environment.

The Computer Science Department offers comprehensive degree programs in rapidly expanding areas of study. Our qualified faculty members and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that students acquire a strong technical foundation across diverse subjects, empowering students to effectively apply this knowledge in real-world scenarios. Our strategic partnerships with the Higher Education Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology enable us to stay up-to-date of evolving policy initiatives and market-driven incentives introduced by both the government and private sectors.


To generate exceptional computing professionals who possess profound expertise, critical thinking, and a strong dedication to meeting the socio-economic demands of the global market in pursuit of sustainable development.


The objective of the CS program is to deliver excellent computer science education that equips students with the skills needed for successful careers and continuous learning in the field of developing and managing computational processes and systems. The program focuses on areas such as systems automation, information management, IT infrastructure management, and Intelligent Systems.

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Dr. Munwar Ali

Incharge Department of CS


Dr. Munwar Ali

Incharge Department of CS

PhD (Information Technology), Malaysia


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1st Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Pre-Calculus-I
2 Pre-Calculus-II
3 Introduction to ICT 4(3+1)
4 Programming Fundamentals 4 (3+1)
5 English Composition and Comprehension 3
6 Pakistan Studies 2
6 Applied Physics 3
Total 16
2nd Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Calc. & Anal. Geo 3
2 Digital Logic Design 4(3+1)
3 Object Oriented Programming 4(3+1)
4 Communication and Presentation Skills 3
5 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2
- - -
- - -
Total 16

3rd Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Computer Organization & Assembly Language 4(3+1)
2 Data Structures & algorithms 4(3+1)
3 Linear Algebra 3
4 Discrete Structures 3
5 Financial Accounting & Management 3
Total 17
4th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Design & Analysis of Algorithms 3
2 Database Systems 4(3+1)
3 E-Commerce 3
4 Visual Programming 4(3+1)
5 Statistics and Probability 3
Total 17

5th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Theory of Automata 3
2 Theory of Programming Languages 3
3 Operating Systems 4(3+1)
4 Software Engineering 3
5 Web Engineering 3(2+1)
6 Professional practices 2
Total 18
6th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Compiler Construction 3
2 Computer Networks 4(3+1)
3 Numerical Computing 3
4 Artificial Intelligence 3
5 IT Project Management 4(3+1)
6 Technical & Business Writing 3
Total 17
7th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Graph Theory 3
2 Information Security 3
3 Final Year Project – I 3(0+3)
4 Entrepreneurship & Leadership 2
5 Parallel & Distributed Computing 3(2+1)
6 Mobile Application Development 4(3+1)
Total 18
8th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Cyber Security 3
2 Big Data Analytics 4(3+1)
3 Final Year Project – II 3(0+3)
4 Human Computer Interaction 3
Total 13