Message from Vice Chancellor

Definitely an educationist will bask in glory when the candle of knowledge burns around. The happiness reaches to its pinnacles when the individual is counted on and trusted. Therefore I am no exception to it. I have an opportunity to bring the future leaders of our beautiful country in the lime light of success. I have confidence in my students that they will bring the good reputation for University and the nation. The university appeared on the horizon with the name of a martyr. History will remember the Daughter of the East and with her memories the students' response is positive. The great leader's vision will lead them. The very imagination fills my heart with joy.

The fathomless depth of delight could not be measured but only by the person who has a chance to become a herald of the new brave world of the people who are competent enough to take reigns in their hands. I, being the Vice Chancellor of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Shaheed Benazirabad pledge to take every effort to bring the name of this University on the top.

My aim is to open various departments, while presently BS (English), BBA, B.Ed. are functioning and have exhibited their performance more than the expected calculations. No doubt the coming batches of the University will fulfill the promise with the ability and dedication.

As far as the faculty members are concerned they have capability to deliver the task assigned to them. They are highly qualified and have knack to meet the challenge. I am proud of them.

The considerable segment of our nation remains away from education because they are so much engrossed in the battle of life that they cannot achieve the academic goals. Such persons would also get the benefit from the University recently established in their vicinity. Keeping in view, the education for all, the University has started an MBA Two-year Program in the evening and BS Chemistry regular program in morning.

I wish best of luck for everyone.

Mr.Arshad Saleem
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