SBBU Main Campus - Merit List of BS Bridge Program Admission Batch 2023

Important Note:Successful students are advised to collect the challan from Admission Office to pay their fee of Rs.42000/- from 24th December 2022 to 12th January 2023 and submit office copy of the paid challan to the Admission Office. In case of non-payment of fee, the candidate next on the merit will be given a chance to avail the seat.

Very Important: It is mandatory for the students to submit the concerned office use copy of the paid challan to the Admission Office till 12th January 2023 for confirmation of their admission. In case of failure no any claim will be entertained and name of the candidate will be removed from the merit list. No challan will be issued or received after the due date.

Bring below mandatory documents, without documents admission fee challan will not be provided.

A. Original Documents : Last Qualification (Certificate & Transcript) and Affidavit

B. Photocopies1. Last Qualification Transcript 2. CNIC 3. Domicile 4. Matric Mark sheet 5. Intermediate Mark sheet 6. Two passport size Photos 7. PRC 8. NOC for other Province candidates

BS Bridge Education

Form No Candidate Name Father's Name Department
2133 Aleena Ghulam Qadir B.ED (HONS)
1076 Aiman Azhar Azhar Up Haq B.ED (HONS)
2397 Talha Ghulam Rasool B.ED (HONS)
1313 Aasia Jamali Muhammad Rafique Jamali B.ED (HONS)
881 Faiza Ghulam Rasool B.ED (HONS)
4387 Iqra Junaid Junaid Ahmed B.ED (HONS)
5895 Waqar Hassan Muhammad Hassan B.ED (HONS)
1058 Anila Murad Ali Khan B.ED (HONS)
3007 Tanum Naz Jan Masih B.ED (HONS)
601 Rukia Rashid Ali B.ED (HONS)
5308 Tahira Mohammad Rafique B.ED (HONS)
5052 Erum Shahzadi Inayat Hussain B.ED (HONS)

BS Bridge BBA

Form No Candidate Name Father's Name Department
563 Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Sabir BBA
4622 Abdullah Muhammad Ibrahim BBA
451 Mahlaqa Mehboob Hussain BBA
181 Nooruddin Nizamuddin BBA
388 Abdul Wahid Abdul Hadi BBA
3248 Iftikhar Hussain Shah Muhammad BBA
4696 Ureeba Nooruddeen BBA
940 Abdul Basit Mumtaz Ahmed BBA
2810 Shagufta Noor Khan BBA
95 Naved Ali Abdul Majeed BBA
3555 Kiriti Bai Paisoo Mal BBA
6098 Ume Aiman Mehmood Iqbal BBA
5086 Zafar Hussain Manzoor Hussain BBA
2526 Rabia Abid BBA
1637 Aiman Muzafar Ali Memon BBA
101 Humera Sana Fida Hussain BBA
2776 Shehzore Muhammad Ashraf BBA
6051 Hureem Muhammad Nasir BBA
2162 Maheen Anwar Muhammad Anwar BBA
3927 Abdul Manan Noor Muhammad Keerio BBA
5993 Ali Asghar Muhammad Sharif BBA

BS Bridge Chemistry

Form No Candidate Name Father's Name Department
2279 Sughand Noor Abdul Sattar Abbasi Kalhoro BS Chemistry (Conditionally Eligible)
328 Sana Hanif Muhammad Hanif BS Chemistry
743 Farah Muhammad Tarique BS Chemistry (Conditionally Eligible)
3342 Samreen Ghulam Fareed BS Chemistry
6724 Mehrish Ameer Ali BS Chemistry
1146 Fiza Iftikhar Ahmed BS Chemistry
2357 Muhammad Waqar Muhammad Nasim BS Chemistry
2759 Tabish Manzoor Manzoor Ahmed BS Chemistry
2177 Shereen Muamar Qazafi Abbasi BS Chemistry
576 Sumera Abdul Jabar BS Chemistry (Conditionally Eligible)
3855 Rimsha Ghullam Sarwar BS Chemistry
2893 Kainat Faiz Aalam BS Chemistry
2721 Nayab Parveen Jamshaid Alam BS Chemistry
2872 Abdul Aziz Naseer Khan BS Chemistry
3303 Dua Asghar Asghar Ali BS Chemistry
5719 Muneer Ahmed Mataro BS Chemistry
6285 Ojallah Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf BS Chemistry
1445 Maryam Korejo Rajib Ali Korejo BS Chemistry
3654 Rashid Ali Faqeer Muhammad BS Chemistry
1040 Samreen Imdad Ali BS Chemistry
2896 Tahira Muhmmad Sabir BS Chemistry
2359 Sadia Ghulam Muhammad BS Chemistry
6186 Shafia Muhammad Akhtar BS Chemistry
1759 Mehtab Abdul Aziz Lakhmit BS Chemistry
2725 Bisma Muamar Qazafi Abbasi BS Chemistry (Conditionally Eligible)

BS Bridge Media Studies

Form No Candidate Name Father's Name Department
2173 Dur E Sameen Malik Waseem Ahmed BS Media and Communication Studies

Note: Applicants who are conditionally eligible for BS Bridge Chemistry due to the course deficiency (Chemistry 3+1). These Candidates have to fulfill deficiency course along with routine bridge semester courses. These candidates will submit undertaking.

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