We welcome you to the department of English at university of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Shaheed benazirabad Sanghar campus. It is very newly established department with experienced, committed and highly talented faculty members. It is full-fledged department. There are classes right from B.S English first year to four years program. B.S program comprises of course on literature and linguistics. English literature consists of poetry, drama, novel and criticism but some students choose linguistics who is interested in systematic study of English. Linguistics also focuses on various aspect of language such as phonetics, morphology and syntax etc.

On the one hand, School of English emphasis much of the efforts to produce philosophers, thinkers, intellectuals, scholars and teachers and it also enhances the critical thinking in students in order to improve the life of human beings . On the other hand, the department of English furnishes its students with opportunities to attend workshops and seminars which can be beneficial for the professional and students

Moreover, English language is widely speaking language. Surely about 2 billion people communicate in English globally. The need of English stands very vivid. Nobody will deny the fact that it triggers the self respect and infuses confidence more than a person who either speaks English incorrectly or does not speak. This is really the welcome gesture of national and international firms. They prefer a person who is capable to speak and write English.

Today, we say without any hesitation that we are living in a global village and everyday explosion of knowledge is common phenomenon. This is undeniable fact that man role is played by electronic media and print media. This is another fact that most of their activities are in English. We cannot forget that west especially America are still leading the world in every aspect of life Whereas Americans are recognized as the English speaking country.

Faculty Members

Mr. Abdul Rasheed Mangrio

In charge School of English

B.S (English)

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Mr. Ameer Ali Wassan

Teaching Assistant

B.S (English)

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