Quality Enhancement Cell


Quality Assurance is the premeditated, organized and regular review process of an institution especially at higher level.

The Quality Assurance programme of the HEC essentially has three major components:

" Development of criteria and standards for various quality parameters in Higher Education.

" Development of processes and capacity building to ensure implementation of these criteria.

" Develop a system for arranging regular internal and external monitoring of the higher education institutions in respect of the status of implementation of the quality criteria and quality control processes.

The Quality Assurance Committee of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has recommended the establishment of Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) in all universities and DAIs of higher education with the Primary Objective "QEC is to enhance the quality of our Academic Programmes and also inculcate Quality Culture through adoption and implementation of Self-Assessment Procedures as per QA Manual of HEC."

The Quality Assurance Agency established 10 offices known as Quality Enhancement Cells in the public sector universities in 2007 at first Stage /Phase 1 to implement quality assurance mechanism in the universities.

The establishment of Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is an ongoing systematic progression consequently Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad (SBBU-SBA) was integrated in this procedure, the proceeding of establishment of QEC SBBU SBA was initiated in the month of September 2013.

The QEC-SBBU-SBA started working under the self-motivated and energetic leadership of worthy Vice-chancellor Mr Arshad Saleem. At present the responsibility of director QEC - SBBU-SBA has been assigned to Prof. Dr. Tayyaba Zarif.Presently, keeping in view the following Structure the QEC-SBBU-SBA started the functioning.


To ensure the SBBUSBA as Quality service provider University through attaining International quality Standard for higher education.


Developing a viable and sustainable mechanism of quality enhancement of the academic programs as well as effectual administration of all Internal process, to provide Informational Support for academic procedures and contributing toward timely response to all stakeholders, also offer practical exposure under the supervision of field experts of national and international origin while focusing on continuous professional development, applied research and modernization so that they could play valuable role in nation building and become innovative leaders & driver of sustainable global change"

Core Values

Sincerity toward Institute


Transparent and credible mechanism of execution



Continual & consistent development of the processes/p>


To review quality standards by auditing academic standards and the quality of teaching and learning in each subject area.

To promote public confidence that the quality and standards of the award of degree are enhanced and safeguarded.

To develop qualifications framework by setting out the attributes and abilities that can be expected from the holder of a qualification, i.e. Bachelors, Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D./p>

To review academic affiliations with other institutions in terms of effective management of standards and quality of programs.

To develop program specifications. These are standard set of information clarifying what knowledge, understanding, skills and other attributes a student will have to develop on successfully completing a specific program,


Approval of new programs in consultation with already existing bodies.

Annual monitoring and evaluation e.g. faculty assessment and students perception

Departmental review

Students feedback

Employer feedback

Quality assurance of Mater's, M.Phil. and Ph.D degree programs

Subject review

Director QEC

The Quality Enhancement Cell at SBBU-SBA is strongly committed to achieve excellence in higher education to be brought at par with most of the international professional Universities by adopting the global standards of education & then implementing the guidelines/policies of HEC in its true letter & spirit. The team of QEC will spare no stone unturned for the best possible outcome in lieu of dedicated & devoted efforts to bring this university in the forefront of modern era of higher education. We shall deliver quality and standard education to produce the competitive qualified young stuff in all disciplines I am very much confident that QEC will continue to strive the best for improving the quality of higher education being imparted in SBBU-SBA. In this regard, the worthy Vice Chancellor is strongly committed to improve the overall quality standards at the University. It is strongly urged to all the departments cooperating and playing a vital role to enhance the quality of this University in all aspects so that the QEC at SBBU-SBA can be uplifted to the international norms.

Assessmentment Team

Department AT Name Picture
English Mr. Nadeem Jalbani, Ms. Attiya ,Mr. Ameen Sajid N\A
Business Dr. Liaquat Zardari, Mr. Mehran Tunio N\A
Chemistry Mr. Amrat, Dr. Zaheer N\A
Education Dr. Ejaz Ahmed , Dr. Abdul Majeed Niazi , Mr. Mehboob Ali Dehraj N\A
IT Mr. Zulfiqar Ali, Mr. Sagheer N\A
Media & Studies Dr. Sohail Ahmed Ansari,Mr. Ejaz N\A

Program Team

Department AT Name Picture
English Mr. Aamer Saeed, Mr. Ayaz Ali Jarah N\A
Business Ms. Afroze Siyal, Mr. Arman Khan, MR. Ahmed Shafique N\A
Chemistry Mr. Lal Bux, Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain N\A
Education Mr. Abdul Latif , Mr. Izhar Ali , Mr. Irfan N\A
IT Ms. Marina Sherbaz, Mr. Sajid Hussain N\A
Media & Studies Dr. Sohail Ahmed Ansari, Mr. Ejaz N\A

Meetings Workshops/Seminars July 2015 to June 2016

SNo. Title of Event Date Target Group Purpose/Objective
1 Meeting with program team of education department. 12-Aug-15 Program Team To share the progress about the invitation implementation of QIP
2 Meeting with program team of education department. 12-Aug-15 Program Team To share the progress about the invitation implementation of QIP
3 Meeting of Program Teams. 7-Oct-15 Program Team preparation for SARs, Documentation & HEC students satisfactory of universities HEIS
4 Meeting with program team of education department. 10-Dec-15 Program Team Improvement Plan
5 Meeting with program team of education department. 10-Dec-15 Program Team Execution of implementation plan on the basis of SARs
6 Meeting with head of Acadmic department. 31-Dec-15 HoDs Discus schedule of program team meetings, To discuss events & academic calendar, to discuss record maintaining, To discuss current status of time table and existing status of the syllabus
7 Meeting with head of all departments 2-Feb-16 HoDs Discussion and feedback regarding the accreditation of the program
8 Meeting with program team of education department. 15-Mar-16 Program Team To share the updates regarding implementation / improvement plan
9 Meeting with all program teams of departments. 16-Mar-16 Program Team To share and discuss the progress issues and improvements in the preparation of SARs
10 Meeting with all program team of departments. 5-Apr-16 Program Team Orientation of SAR manual and progress sharing about SAR of programs of departments
11 Orientation Workshop with head of departments. 27-Aug-15 HoDs To understand the role of QEC in Quality enhancement processing the HEIs
12 Meeting with program team of Chemistry department. 8-Sep-15 PT of Chemistry orking of SARs 2016-17/td>
13 Meeting with all program team of English department. 8-Sep-15 PT of English working of SARs 2016-17
14 Meeting with all program team of IT department. 10-Sep-15 PT of IT working of SARs 2016-17
15 Meeting with all program team of Education department. 10-Sep-15 PT of Education working of SARs 2016-17