Mr. Ayaz Ali Jarah



This is obvious that about fifty countries speak English, while majority of the world population study it. Surely, about 2 Billion people communicate in English with interest. The importance, however, of this language is cross-border trade. The need of English stands very vivid globally. Business increases because of the communication in English and thus life changes. Ultimately an upward trend occupies the graph.

Today, we say without any hesitation that we are living in a global village, and everyday explosion of knowledge is the common phenomenon here. This is an undeniable fact that man role is played by the print and electronic media while this is another fact that most of their activities are in English. Therefore, it has a capacity to create harmony among the community of nations. We should not forget that the west especially America are still leading the world in every spheres of life whereas Americans are recognized as the English speaking nation.

It becomes very essential when industry, science and etc- are to be considered indispensible for any nation while this is needless to say that the nations who excel in English occupy the world market, jobs, contracts and there is no second opinion in this regard that English firmly accommodates its expert.

Nobody will deny the fact that it triggers the self respect, and infuses confidence comparatively more than a person who either speaks English incorrectly or does not speak at all. This is besides the well-come gesture of national and international firms. They prefer a person who is capable to speak and write English, with ease.

Therefore, for English learning are should delve deep and absorb oneself. We endeavor to do so.

This department started functioning with the inception of the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad. It started with the handicap of teachers who do not have any political, personal and sabotaging mentality.

Keeping all this in view and the dearth of quality English language teachers/professionals the department vowed to face the music of the time though it seems that we have taken the bull by the horn. Therefore, we thought that odds are the inseparable part of human existence and the change of surroundings would be the self-imposed pledge. The University authority provided an all out support to turn our obsession into reality. This department has taken vow to translate dreams of the people in reality.

Present this is a full-fledged department. There are classes right from BS English First year to four-year program. Whereas, this is heartening to note that MA English program has been initiated for the students aspiring to study English literature and linguistics, after the completion of their Bachelors. Last but not the least there is good news that the department has a program in the pipe line regarding M. Phil & PhD in the days to come. Therefore, interested candidates prepare themselves. Wait for the fine morning when the dawn will break with the fragrance of announcement for the promised agenda.


Our goal is to provide reliable and innovative technology to our students, faculty and community that meet the need of a dynamic world along with the support of trainings that necessary to use the technology effectively.


The learners will be facilitated to explore and apply the wider range of opportunities in the discipline for effective global communication keeping pace with the advancement, fully supported by modern tools.


After passing out students will be able to bring some change in the society and they get benefit on merit. The tendency of research and communication is an important component of teaching and learning process. Resultantly, the societal setup would provide them job. Then professional skills will take places, simultaneously.