The Controller Examination Office
The Examination Department is one of the most important department at SBBU, SBA.
The department is responsible for the following:
    1. Commencement of Examinations.
    2. Announcement of rules.
    3. Issuance of Certificates, Transcripts and Degrees.
    4. Verification of university exam, credentials.

The role of the department ensures that any "Degree or transcript" which goes out of this institute is genuine and is being issued to a person who fulfills all the legal requirement for this purpose. The Examination Department remains associated with every student till the award of Degree/Certificate.


Due to strength of the examinations and evaluation system of SBBU SBA, its degree will be considered as a benchmark for Quality, Reliability, & Credibility.

Mission Statement

Examination Department in SBBU, SBA will develop a unified, technologically strong, efficient, flexible and transparent system that should guarantee highly reliable testing and evaluation procedures with zero tolerance towards unfair and inefficient practices.


=> To establish a strong, reliable and credible examination/evaluation system in the institute,
=> To improve the quality of examination and evaluation, and ensuring credibility of the processes        throughout the system,
=> To ensure that all components of the examinations system in the institute follow the rules and policies       of the institute is true letter and spirit to ensure the same quality standards across the board,
=> To improve the examinations and evaluation policies of the institute however, the revision of policy        according to the demand has also been the policy of the department.
=> To boost the examination system to the optimum level to get better, speedy and reliable results.

Co-ordination and inter university relationship:

To furnish information to the Worthy Vice Chancellor and keep him abreast with the latest developments, changes, progress, performance of the department. In the light of the directives of authority further measures would be initiated, e.g. to maintain contacts with the Deans, the Directors, the Chairmen/Chairpersons and Sectional heads of the University.

Prof: Khadim Hussain Bhutto
Mr. Muhammad Hanif Brohi
Deputy Controller
Tel :  +92-244-9370527 -28-29,  Registrar  9370525, Secretary-To-Vice-Chancellor  92-244-9370520, Fax.   +92-244-9370521

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